Sherri Bones Nelson
Day of the Dead Art, Paintings of Flowers & Folk Scenes

Let Me Be Clear

9" x 12"
Acrylic on Board

original available
See below for information on the piece as well as more details on the prints.

Let Me Be Clear
In this piece I have attempted to capture as many of the Harper government's deeds and misdeeds as possible. There is much to see in the work, and viewers will have to look closely to find it all and use their own interpretations of the elements to imbue the piece with its ultimate meaning.
Among the issues I have touched on in the piece are:
  • the tar sands environmental wreckage
  • first people / aboriginal rights
  • the war on science, knowledge & statistics
  • the loss of our speech and press freedoms
  • spying
  • militarization of police
  • abysmal treatment of our soldiers and veterans
  • the real estate bubble
  • the Senate scandal
  • selling off our natural resources
  • Harper's disregard for the law
  • the imprisonment of refugees .... and more.