Sherri Bones Nelson
Day of the Dead Art, Paintings of Flowers & Folk Scenes

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Wow! your paintings are incredible!! So beautiful!
Sarah - 24 Jan 2014
Sherri, You artwork is just awesome! It was perfect for what i was looking for. Thank you so much for everything! --Lesa
Lesa Chmielewski - 5 Sep 2013
I will own one of your Sunflowers or even one of your florals someday. I just love them. You are soooo talented!
Bronwen Watson - 31 Jul 2013
la verdad es que me encanta un monton tu arte, los colores!!!buenisimo, super-expresivo, me gusta mucho. mis felicitaciones desde argentina.
ramiro amaya - 14 Feb 2013
Was on ebay and came across your art work. I love color so I fell in love with you art biding on a few right now hope I'm the winner. Would like to purchase a larger print soon.
Myra - 24 Aug 2012
I would be remiss if I didn't leave a comment about the work of Sherri Nelson. I found her quite accidentally while surfing the web, and what followed was the beginning of an incredible relationship. Today, her amazing artwork is showcased in my gallery, The Artist's Eye. Her use of color and the way she weaves her brush to create her Day of the Dead paintings is unlike any other artist I have ever seen. Presently, I have collaborated with Sherri to produce her original paintings into fine art giclees. It has been a learning journey I have been proud to experience and share with her. Although she is thousands of miles away, and we have never met, I cannot tell you what it means to me, to be able to call her my friend. She is not only an artist with amazing talent, she is a vibrant, strong and amazing woman. It is my honor to present in my gallery, The Art of Sherri Nelson. with the greatest respect for my dear friend, Michelle Evans-Colon
Michelle Evans-Colon - 20 Feb 2012
Hi Sherri I was out and about doing my thing and one of your wonderful paintings caught my eye. I have said it once I will say it again I love your florals so full of life and energy. I love the one we purchased, a great investment in a great artist. Good to see you are going strong, keep it up. I may have to purchase another.
Linda Brent - 4 Dec 2011
I bought the Goddess of The Vines painting from Sherri for my wife's birthday. Pat was extremely pleased with the painting and had it formally framed. Thanks again Sherri for your marvellous art and you assistance in making Pat's birthday a memorable event. March 2011
Gerry and Pat Bungay - 9 May 2011
Sometimes someone helps you open your eyes and look, just look and appreciate colour, beauty in the everyday in what is around you but overlooked. I have really enjoyed just truly looking and after much deliberation and with the help of a little plastic I hope I will be able to continue to appreciate the created beauty in your Art work! Happy creating minutes and moments.....
Your work is amazing! If only I had such a talent. One of these days I will own one of your paintings. I always look forward to your next creation.
Angie Battams - 14 Jan 2011
Sherri, I stumbled across your link on House and Home, you should be noticed for your talent, working with the designers, beautiful work.....Liz
Liz - 30 Dec 2010
I envy your talent Sherri! Your use of color detail is electric! Beautiful work!
H. Snow - 17 Dec 2010
Hi Sherri love your paintings so much I am having a hard time deciding which one I want. You are an amazing artist so full of life and color. Your paintings are a true reflection of your personality. When I decide I will let you know.
Linda Brent - 27 Nov 2010
I love your work. I've enjoyed following your progress via your blog. I am so glad that you finally decided to follow your dream. Your talent deserves to be shared with others. Such a gift.
Catherine - 28 Oct 2010
WOW Sherri! Beautiful and bright! What a talent you have! I will share your website with evyone I know =)
Anne - 14 Oct 2010
I am so glad you decided to do this full time. You are such a talent and I love your work!
Karen Galves - 12 Oct 2010
Your use of colors is wonderful Sherri and love your flowers in preticular is amazing ........I cant express my feelings because I am amazed you havent had a show before this...........jane
jane connor - 29 Sep 2010
You are so incredebly talented. Thank heavens you came back to the light...your art. So proud, I could cry. To say your collection is beautiful would be a gross understatement. I am speechless. Like the fine wine we have on occassion shared, you get better with age. I love you dearest.
Christy Wood - 28 Sep 2010
Wow I love it! I love how much colour you use. I checked out the installations; I love them all but that purple flower is SOLID. I am so proud of you too, for following your dreams. You have balls woman!
Weronika Purple - 28 Sep 2010
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